The Band

Goldfish Parade is more than just music. It's an attitude that helps you move through the modern world. It has its own rules, its own reality, its own heroes. It's a kind of lo-fi love bubble.

The Sound

Not afraid of mixing the "gloom" of Trip-Hop with the positive attitude of Pop-Rock, Goldfish Parade dishes out the new paradigm of Trip-Rock.

Suggested Uses

.       A journey
.       A beacon of light amid the dark mazes of life
.       A slap in the face of blatant hypocrisy
.       An up yours to greed and disdain
.       Surely a LOVE ticket
.       A voice for spiritual fraternity


Goldfish Parade is a Lebanese duo formed in Beirut in 2009. From totally different musical backgrounds, Layal Buheiry and Yann Charaoui came together to write a story about the rise and fall of man.  Through the words, the music followed, and the voice of the band was formed. Let's choose to become "soldiers" of love and peace instead of soulless goldfish, parading around our bowl.